Microgreen Subscription

One time $15 set-up fee + starting at $20 per month and $20 per biweekly ($40 per month)

Each delivery includes 8oz of freshly harvested microgreens. All greens are harvested within 24 hours of delivery.

Starting at $20 for monthly subscription
and $20 for biweekly subscription ($40 a month) 

How it works:

1. Choose your seeds or we will set up a free consultation phone call to go over what seeds would be ideal for your personal goals.
2. Select your subscription plan.
3. Select your delivery area. Your delivery day will depend on your delivery location.
4. Get your first delivery of organically grown microgreens as soon as 2 weeks later!
5. Any changes to monthly orders must be emailed to microsgourmet@gmail.com at least 12 days before your next delivery.

Set-up fee:

There is a $15 set-up fee for this subscription plan. The set-up fee will include a custom cooler bag. Each delivery morning leave your cooler bag outside and we will fill it with your greens and new ice packs so everything stays fresh.

Delivery area: Delivery area from Venice to Estero and as East as Babcock Ranch


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